About Mau

mau s @ gravatarMau (rhymes with 'Now') is a front-end engineer with a strong focus on web standards compliance. He has considerable knowledge and understanding of the capabilities and constraints of various platforms and browsers. He also has considerable web back-end programming experience.

His experience has been acquired through over 20 years of designing, developing, optimizing and maintaining websites and web applications.

Such experience includes building web applications, internet and intranet sites, static and database driven, always standards compliant & with compact code, carefully crafted and set to work with modern internet browsers, to ensure websites are accessible by anyone, anywhere.

Mau lives in a southwestern suburb of the Twin Cities in Minnesota with his wife, their two boys, and their dog Stella.

During his free time, he enjoys listening to music, watching movies, taking photos and is a regular at Destiny's Tower.

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