links&pixels is a web design studio based in the southwestern suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The studio is led by Mauricio Sandoval.

Our focus is to be committed to our clients to provide the most sustainable, lean and compatible coding and design. That way, your site will always be standards compliant and at the same time, become highly visible to search engines, and ensure your site will be appropriately displayed on any modern browser within most modern platforms.

Who's Mau?

Mauricio (also known as Mau, which rhymes with 'Now') is a User Interface Designer and Web Developer with a strong focus on web standards compliance. He has considerable knowledge and understanding of the capabilities and constraints of various platforms and browsers. He also has strong web back-end programming experience.

His experience has been acquired through over ten years of designing, developing, optimizing and maintaining websites.

Such experience includes building internet and intranet sites, static and database driven, always standards compliant, with compact code, carefully crafted and set to work with any modern internet browser, to ensure that your websites are accessible by anyone, anywhere.

His specialties and areas of expertise:

Mau @ work

What people have said about Mau...

It seemed effortless for Mau to listen to me vaguely describe how I wanted my website to look and then take those ideas and make it happen. His depth of knowledge is really unmatched...
— C. Kennelly, Realtor
He was extremely detailed and always delivered an outstanding product. He gets to know his customers and provides exceptional service...
— K. Cierzan, Operations Director
First impressions are critical, that is why you need Mau. He coordinates look and feel across multiple applications and projects, trying to bring order out of chaos...
— G. McAteer, Technical Architect
Having a professional, attractive, accessible, and standards compliant website with a clean look-and-feel is a crucial component of a corporate image. For this you need an exceptional designer, artist and technologist; for this you need Mau...
— K. Collins, Independent Technical Consultant